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But I'm Chris Jericho!

“BUT I’M CHRIS JERICHO!” is an interactive digital media property built around WWE superstar, actor, television personality, writer and musician Chris Jericho. At its center is an original comedy web series starring Chris Jericho as a fictionalized version of himself. In this tongue-in-cheek portrayal of his life, Chris is a former wrestler struggling to make it big as an actor. Despite being on top in the wrestling ring, Chris now clings to the bottom of the acting rung, and must try and contain his frustrations in the face of absurdities in the entertainment industry, as well as the ineptitude of his well-intentioned supporters. Yet despite all of this craziness, Chris Jericho only knows one speed - full throttle. Hard work and determination got him to the top of the wrestling game and he’s hell bent on doing the same in his new career. After all, he’s Chris Jericho!