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Johnny Dynamo

In the late 80’s, Robert Pierce Mitchell was known around the world as JOHNNY DYNAMO, television’s toughest cop. He was, by far, the biggest television star of the decade and his gritty portrayal of a NYC Detective garnered him countless awards, fans and celebrity. He was the toast of Hollywood - until a failed publicity stunt ruined his credibility and his career.

Now, more than 25 years later, an older, wiser Mitchell, is living an unassuming, quiet life in a Nashville suburb with his wife and daughter, when a tabloid T.V. show spotlights Mitchell, and Johnny Dynamo, on a "Where Are They Now" report.

The morning after the show airs, Mitchell is surprised by a knock on his door. Three, young, entertainment upstarts present Mitchell with the idea that the Internet can get him back in the spotlight and back on top. With a little nudge from his wife, Mitchell agrees to give his career one last chance.