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Milgram and the Fastwalkers

Milgram And The Fastwalkers is a noir soap opera about UFOs. Dr. Daniel Milgram, world-class expert in the field of abnormal psychology, inadvertently becomes a detective when new client, hotshot corporate litigator, Sally Lemm, comes to him at wits end. She complains of sleep loss, strange dreams and anxiety about "hospitals in space." The case plunges them both deeply into the dark world of UFOs. 

The truth is . . . No one is prepared for alien presence. 

Milgram falls into a world he cannot process as he tries to decode Lemm's experiences. Sally's and Milgram's successful careers and personal lives turn into a turbulent hall of mirrors as they enter the dark world of alien intrusion and its effects on everyday lives.

Our premise: what is it like when ordinary people experience alien intrusion ? People with everyday lives, the best friends, kids, spouses, the doctors, and colleagues at work? We are a soap opera drama about people whose lives are already complicated, who then experience the intrusion of alien presence.