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Project SERA

S.E.R.A or Simpson Eames Regeneration Agenda was founded in 2004 by Senator William Simpson and General Dennis Eames. S.E.R.A.'s primary objective was to create a drug that would expedite soldiers' recoveries from battlefield injuries. The first iteration of the drug, SERA-130, was made available to the armed services in 2009. SERA-130 had a 65% success rate allowing soldiers to redeploy to the front lines in record time. In 2010, a new variant, SERA-131, increased that success rate to 100%. Mysteriously, in early 2012 the program was abruptly shut down. All known stores of SERA-131 were believed to have been destroyed. But rumors surfaced that samples of SERA-131 were being sold on the black market. Government and military agencies have yet to acknowledge such allegations.