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The True Heroines

After the World War I, in an attempt to limit the numbers of the Allied Forces lost to the war, secret research began in a small town called Paradise Hill….research to breed HUMANS WITH SPECIAL ABILITIES (H.S.A.’s)

This top secret operation was known as Project: Paradise Hill. Privately funded by The Corporation, Project: Paradise Hill founded several small, Utopian towns all over the United States and allied territories, specifically designed to woo returning veterans into putting down roots, starting families and UNKNOWINGLY breed H.S.A’s.

When the US Army entered the Second World War in 1940, The Corporation sold the H.S.A.’s to The Government. The H.S.A.’s were abused and enslaved as laborers and forced to battle on the front lines. Though many were lost, several H.S.A.’s managed to escape and are now living as REGULAR HUMANS worldwide.

In an effort to keep their involvement a secret, The Government, sent The Corporation to clean up their mess by creating an elite team of undercover AGENTS, to eliminate fugitive H.S.A.’s. Thus far the hunters have been successful, as many H.S.A.’s have inexplicably disappeared from the planet… but many H.S.A.’s are still out there and the hunt continues.