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Yoga Town

YOGA TOWN is a mockumentary comedy about a group of employees, led by a single mom and her teenage daughter, who run a financially struggling yoga studio. When a mobile yoga company ‘Go Yoga’ parks in their neighborhood, the ante is raised and the earthy Yoga Town owner, Willow, is forced to go to battle with Elijah, the Prairie-born pied piper of yoga.

With the yoga movement becoming the ‘religion of choice’ for the urban chic, YOGA TOWN, has become the ‘church of choice’. Just like any ‘movement’, the followers give the leaders ‘hero status’, as if they are impermeable to imperfections. The reality is that these characters are anything, but perfect. And, the competition is fierce. The idea of following a path towards enlightenment is the farthest thing from this World, although everyone is on the road to YOGA TOWN.